Osaka Exhibition・Event Venue, Conference Room | ATC Hall

Experience art, culture, and various events, and exhibitions
in the Osaka Bay Area!

With the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo on the horizon, the Nanko Bay Area is attracting a lot of attention from both inside and outside Japan. Among them, ATC Hall, a large-scale complex facility that functions as an event venue and conference room, as well as tourism and entertainment elements, is full of unknown charms. If you find a unique event or art exhibition, please visit.


Chance to meet art from all over the world!

At the ATC Gallery, various works of art are exhibited, including famous works and cultural properties from around the world, as well as exhibitions of original anime drawings.

Art on the 2nd floor of the ITM building At his gallery, he holds topical exhibitions throughout the year, such as the Banksy exhibition by artists who are attracting attention from around the world, and the mammoth exhibition, which excites both children and adults with its powerful exhibition production. doing.
Let’s enjoy art to your heart’s content in a spacious and comfortable gallery.



Full of notable events

We hold various events that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, such as anime, gourmet, and entertainment.
At the popular anime event, the stage and the audience become one, and at the Insect Expo, children have an interesting time with live insects. Shopping is also great and very successful at the gourmet fair, where you can find delicious dishes unique to the area. It is very much looking forward to the future schedule to see what kind of excitement can be experienced.


Business chance be found!

An exhibition held in a large-scale event venue
provides a chance to meet new business partners.
Large-scale trade fairs and exhibitions and sales events are held in the underground hall, which has a total area of ​​about 7,000 square meters. Business event venues where many companies exhibit are a place to obtain the latest information on the industry, and at the same time, a place to create new business opportunities.


Well-connected with the city center!

About 18 minutes from Hommachi Station on the Osaka Metro Chuo Line via Cosmo Square!
The parking lot can accommodate up to 1400 cars!

ATC is about 15-18 minutes from central Osaka by Osaka Metro, New Tram, and JR. A direct limousine bus to ATC is convenient from Kansai International Airport.
There are two parking lots, the ITM building and the O’s building, with a total capacity of 1400 cars.


Shopping and purchased goods is also available!

After enjoying the event, have lunch at a restaurant with your family and friends.
There are many shops where you can enjoy a whole day off.

One of the attractions of ATC is that it has a wide variety of dining and shopping entertainment facilities. In the O’s and ITM buildings, you will find an array of unique cafes and restaurants that Osaka is proud of. Don’t miss the select shop where you can find the best fashion and household goods items.
Please use it between events and after events.


Let's go out to ATC hall with family this weekend!