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The colored balls represent the goals of the SDGs that ATC has worked on in FY2020, and the size of these balls is proportional to the number of goal marks of the efforts.

At ATC Hall, we are working on carbon offset, reduction of waste carbon and carbon dioxide, geothermal, disaster prevention drills, and cleaning activities.
To solve the problem of global warming based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, all employees are working together to continue various improvement activities to contribute to regional development.

ATC Hall Sustainability

Details of various initiatives are introduced on the following pages.

Acquisition about Eco Action 21

ATC Hall, which promotes sustainability, is promoting Eco Action 21 to become a frontrunner in the Kansai event hall industry.
The 2020 year
Environmental management report
The 2021 year
Environmental management report
The 2022 year
Environmental management report

Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation

We will strive to preserve the environment and maintain discipline by the ATC Code of Conduct.

Through our business activities, we will continue to work on the following、
We will contribute to mitigating global warming and building a sustainable society.

1. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
2. Reduction of waste discharge
3. Water usage reduction
4. Green Tune Up・Green Purchasing Promotion

By collaborating with companies, organizations, local governments, etc.,
we will take the lead in solving environmental and social problems,
and by promoting industry, we will lead to regional revitalization centered

We strive to improve our corporate value by actively communicating with
our stakeholders, including visitors, business partners, shareholders, and employees
in response to the demands of society.

ATC Code of Conduct

1 Compliance with laws and regulations
ATC will comply with laws and regulations, respect human rights in all situations, and act with social decorum.
2 Provision of socially useful services
ATC strives to provide safe and useful services while responding to the diverse needs of consumers.
3 Management from a long-term vision
ATC always manages our business with a long-term vision, without being preoccupied with short-term profits.
4 Fair trade
ATC conducts commercial activities based on the recognition that ensuring fair and free competition is the basic rule of the market economy, and maintains sound, normal, and transparent relationships with governments and administrations.
5 Disclosure of corporate information
ATC conducts commercial activities based on the recognition that ensuring fair and free competition is the basic rule of the market economy, and maintains sound, normal, and transparent relationships with governments and administrations.
6 Consideration for environmental conservation
ATC always remembers consideration for environmental issues and works voluntarily and proactively.
7 Social contribution
ATC will harmonize corporate interests with social trends and actively fulfill its role as a “good corporate citizen”.
8 Realization of a comfortable working environment
ATC realizes the comfort and prosperity of its employees, secures a comfortable working environment, respects the personality and individuality of its employees to the utmost, and realizes a corporate culture that allows them to exercise their creativity in a free and open-minded manner.
9 Confrontation with anti-social forces and groups
ATC will never give in to antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

Examples of solutions for environmental conservation


Improving energy efficiency using seawater

Taking advantage of our location in the Bay Area, we use Nanko seawater drawn from the seawater plant in the basement of the ATC building as a heat source and cooling water.
Seawater is processed at the Nanko Heat Supply Center plant, contributing to the energy efficiency of nearby hotels, office buildings, and ATC buildings.


Installation of EV chargers
for electric vehicles
Several EV chargers for electric vehicles have been installed in the ATC Building No. 1 parking lot, contributing to the spread of clean energy vehicles.


Conducting regular drills
assuming a Nankai Trough earthquake

The Nankai Trough, which extends from Suruga Bay to the Hyuga Sea, is said to have an increased possibility of a huge earthquake occurring with its epicenter here.
To protect the lives of people, including visitors, we regularly conduct drills in cooperation with related organizations to simulate a Nankai Trough earthquake. We carry out drills assuming emergencies, such as grasping the situation, providing evacuation guidance, and transporting the injured.


Various Partnerships

The Osaka Bay Area is a city resort overlooking Osaka Bay, a complexes commercial facility where gather large-scale event facilities, conference halls, hotels, restaurants, and shopping area.
Equipped with all the functions necessary for MICE holding, we support your business globally.

What we are aiming for for the sustainable MICE industry.

To fulfill our social responsibility, we Bay Area MICE members have formulated a Sustainable Action Declaration to explain how we can incorporate the SDGs into our MICE business and become a venue of choice in the future.

Taking action and reflecting it in the MICE business, how to start?

Under the supervision of Dr. Hanamura, who is also a judge of Eco Action 21, we will redefine the challenges facing Osaka Bay Area MICE facilities from the perspective of SDGs, and first, narrow down the goals of Sustainable Development Goal 17 to four actions. I will work on it.

Determination to change
the world from Osaka Bay Area MICE.

We aim to be the most advanced MICE complex in the world, and we will continue to consistently challenge SDGs through MICE hosting. We will actively seek the understanding and cooperation of our efforts from the organizers, exhibitors, visitors, and guests. We believe that the world can be changed by accumulating even small actions.