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Stationery Girls Expo in Osaka 2022


Stationery Girls Expo in Osaka 2022
Stationery Girls Expo in Osaka 2022

Stationery Girls’ Expo started in December 2017 with the slogan
“an event where stationery lovers can enjoy the best!”

A total of about 180,000 customers have visited. It is truly the largest stationery sale event in Japan.
Of course, you can see, touch, and buy on the spot, but the main feature is that you can enjoy shopping while enjoying direct conversation with the people at the manufacturer.
Over 50,000 items available for purchase! ! It is truly a dream space for stationery lovers.
Most of our customers are people who use stationery regularly, but from children to housewives to businessmen, men and women of all ages can come together!

Event dates

April 22nd (Friday) - April 24th (Sunday)

Openning time

10:00-17:00 (Last entry 16:00) *Until 16:00 on the last day (Last entry 15:00)



Admission fee

700 yen (tax included, issuing fee not included)
※Admission tickets must be purchased in advance.
※Please check the official website below for details

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