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Kuroko’s Basketball Animation Gallery ~10 Years of Miracles~


Kuroko's Basketball Animation Gallery ~10 Years of Miracles~
Kuroko’s Basketball Animation Gallery ~10 Years of Miracles~

The first anime original drawing exhibition to celebrate
the 10th anniversary of the anime “Kuroko’s Basketball” will be held!!

Event dates

June 11 (Sat) - June 19 (Sun), 2022

Openning time

10:00-19:00 *Last entry is 30 minutes before closing. *Closes at 17:00 on the final day, June 19 (Sun).


ATC Gallery

Admission fee

Advance ticket: 2,000 yen (tax included)
Limited goods voucher: 1,500 yen (tax included)

You cannot enter with a limited goods voucher alone. Please purchase your admission ticket as well.
Limited goods vouchers cannot be exchanged alone.
For the exchange of limited goods, one advance ticket or a same-day admission ticket is required for each limited goods exchange ticket.
Quantities of both advance tickets and vouchers are limited. Sales may be ended / discontinued without notice.

【Note about the venue】
Re-entry is not permitted.
In case of congestion, the holding time may be changed without notice.
The event date, time, and contents may be changed, postponed, or canceled without notice depending on various circumstances.
If the venue is crowded, admission may be restricted to ensure the safety of the customers.
Photos and videos are taken in the venue. Please note that these taken photos and videos may be used for promotional materials for future events.
Cosplay is prohibited. In addition, please do not use the restrooms of nearby facilities to change clothes.
In the following cases, please notify a nearby staff member as soon as possible.
・If you feel sick or are injured
・If you pick up a lost item or have lost an item
・If you get lost or find a lost child (please note that it cannot be announced inside the venue)
Please do not run inside or outside the venue as it is dangerous.
Please refrain from behavior that may disturb other customers, such as sitting in common areas like a passage.
Smoking is prohibited in the venue.
There are no restrooms in the venue.
In case of rain you may be asked to line up outdoors while raining, so please prepare raincoat in advance.
Pets are not allowed to enter (except guide dogs and service dogs).
Please refrain from bringing imitation swords.
We are not responsible for any troubles related to ready-made goods, special costumes, or other items brought in by yourself.
Thank you for your understanding.
There are no changing rooms or cloakrooms available at the venue.
In order to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the event, we ask for your cooperation in following the guidance of the staff.
【Request and information when visiting】
Please cooperate with wearing a mask and cough etiquette.
Please refrain from visiting if you have cold symptoms such as fever and cough, or if you are not feeling well.
(If you have cold symptoms such as coughing violently, we may ask you to leave.)
Please cooperate with the temperature measurement at the entrance of the venue. If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, your admission will be refused.
Please enjoy the event while keeping an appropriate distance from others at the venue.
Please refrain from talking in the venue as much as possible to prevent the spread of droplets.
Please cooperate with hand disinfection and frequent hand washing.
【Event postponement/cancellation】
Please note that the event may be postponed or canceled, or the content may be changed depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
For the next information, please check the event's official website and event's official Twitter.
【About congratulatory flowers】
In order to prevent new coronavirus infections, we will decline all congratulatory flowers including stand flowers and arrangement flowers from general customers.
Business hours may be changed depending on the situation.
We will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate measures, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it may be canceled suddenly.
The status will be announced immediately on the event's official website and event's official Twitter.
TEL: 03-3556-6561 (11:00-17:00 on weekdays)

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