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Reptiles Fever 2022 ~The World of Small Dinosaurs~


Reptiles Fever 2022 ~The World of Small Dinosaurs~
Reptiles Fever 2022 ~The World of Small Dinosaurs~

The summer of the little dinosaurs is coming!
The “reptile” in the title refers to reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles.

The unique facial expressions of reptiles that make you feel charming
The unique movements and skin structure that are hard to immagine.
They have the power that other animals do not have…

Why don’t you try stepping into the world of such “little dinosaurs”?

Requests to visitors
● Pets are not allowed to enter.(Please note that bringing in animals is not allowed)
● Please refrain from taking photos and videos inside the venue and at the sales booth without permission.
● Please cooperate with measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.

Event dates

July 2nd (Sat) - 3rd (Sun), 2022

Openning time




Admission fee

Adults (junior high school pupils and older): Sale in advance 1,100 yen, Sale on the event day: 1,300 yen
Elementary school pupils: Sale in advance 700 yen, sale on the event day: 800 yen

※Price includes tax
※Free for preschoolers
※Tickets will not be refunded unless the event is cancelled.

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