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Reduction of copy paper

Paper reduction through paperless meetings and online seminars

In previous meetings, it was natural to use paper, but now before meetings, we have started to confirm whether or not paper is needed. To cut down on paper usage, we have made meetings paperless by sharing essential documents via PCs and tablets. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are still actively organizing external seminars online. With the thorough practice of sorting and reusing the back of printed paper, we are able to achieve our goal.

A bit of contrivance!

Removal of trash cans in the office

Individual trash cans have been removed and each person will have to go to a collection site on the floor. At first, some people complained it was inconvenient, but gradually changed people’s consciousness, and led to a reduction in waste. When there are no more trash cans underfoot, it’s also easier to evacuate in an emergency, and from the BCP’s point of view, it’s also more effective.
(General administration department)