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Reduction of general waste

Achieve the target by thoroughly implementing garbage separation

In the fiscal year 2020, the amount of general waste decreased following the decline in the number of visitors to the hall due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.The goal of thorough garbage separation at the office has gone smoothly. We will promote the implementation of this initiative throughout the building from the next fiscal year onwards.

Garbage is separated into general garbage, bottles/cans, recycled paper/shredders, PET bottles, caps, cardboard boxes, newspapers/magazines, button batteries, and scrap iron for collection.
Items that cannot be collected will be pasted on top for everyone to know and will notify in writing to the tenant company of the method of disposal.
The garbage compactor in the O’s building’s garbage disposal room was renewed. The floor and sign board were also refurbished.


For many years, the waste treatment has been assigned to subcontractors, but with the policy of “understanding the current situation first”, mapping the treatment process, checking the manifest, we confident that the waste treatment has been done properly. Furthermore, as a result of going to the incineration plant together, and reading the documents of the environment department to increase our understanding, we have reviewed the waste treatment process and reduced the cost of treatment.

Mrs.Kanae Murakami – Building Management Department