Osaka Exhibition・Event Venue, Conference Room | ATC Hall


Conference room usage fee

※All fees exclude tax.



Room nameNumbser of seatm2/TsuboHalf day usage fee(4hours)
All-day usage fee
Basic feeExtension feeBasic feeExtension fee
B1 Meeting room32 seats (Hollow style)97m2/29 tsubo28,0008,60045,0007,500
B2 Meeting room32 seats (Hollow style)101m2/30 tsubo28,0008,60045,0007,500
B3 Meeting room32 seats (Hollow style)101m2/30 tsubo28,0008,60045,0007,500
B4 Meeting room (lounge)20 seats (fixed)104m2/31 tsubo33,00010,40054,0008,800
B5 Meeting room50 seats (school)103m2/31 tsubo28,0008,60045,0007,500
B6 Meeting room (suite)12 seats (fixed)106m2/32 tsubo36,00011,00057,5009,300
B7 Meeting room50 seats (school)101m2/30 tsubo28,0008,60045,0007,500
B8 Meeting room50 seats (school)101m2/30 tsubo28,0008,60045,0007,500
B9 Meeting roomMulti-purpose space (flat floor)106m2/32 tsubo25,0007,80041,0007,000
B10 Meeting roomMulti-purpose space (flat floor)102m2/32 tsubo25,0007,80041,,0007,000
Convention room 1150seats (School)291m2/87 tsubo71,00022,000116,00019,000
Convention room 2120seats (School)229m2/69 tsubo57,00017,50093,00015,500

※Extension fee is 1 hour.
※Ceiling height: B Meeting rooms: 2.8m, convention rooms: 3.0m
※Chairs are already installed in B1-8.
※A whiteboard is permanently installed in B1.
※Cleaning fee and utility fee are included in the venue usage fee.
※Garbage disposal is separate.

Download the usage fee list
The list of usage fees can be downloaded in PDF format.PDF is in ver.4.0 format with embedded fonts. Please note that garbled characters may occur when opened with ver.3.0.