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High speed internet line

High speed internet line INFAL

High-speed Wi-Fi that adopts a common authentication infrastructure can always provide stable data communication, even for large-capacity online videos at events, web conferences, and live distributions using 4K resolution.
In the unlikely case of fraudulent or criminal acts using public Wi-Fi, individual IDs, and passwords are issued to all users, so it is possible to track and protect against eavesdropping on communication content.
It can be used on a one-day basis, is easy to implement, and is also inexpensive.


General Wi-Fi service Carrier Wi-Fi service Wi-Fi service in ATC Hall
Login Log in each time Varies by service Automatic login
Mobile operator restrictions None (Available to everyone) Yes (not available for non-contractors) None (Available to everyone)
Identifying fraudulent users Impossible Possible Possible
Eduroam compatible (for students all over the world) × ×
Cityroam compatible (mainly for travelers from all over the world) × ×