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About photocatalytic coating

In order for customers to feel secure to use ATC Hall meeting rooms, we perform sterilization by photocatalytic coating.
Due to the 99.99% reduction in the toxicity rate of coronavirus, you can still conduct meetings while applying infection prevention measures.




Evidence of reducing the toxicity rate of coronavirus (reduction rate: 99.99%)


Coronavirus (norovirus) Non-enveloped virus Coliform bacteria(O-157) Staphylococcus aureus
Inspection institute Nara Medical University, Faculty of Medicine Japan Food Research Laboratories Coliform bacteria(O-157) Staphylococcus aureus
Inspection results

Inspection results have been got in the inspection period as the above graph.


Safety declaration to ensure food additive standards

Inspection results have been got from the inspection institute as the above.


Strong degradability by the powered-up photocatalyst

Not only ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight but also visible light such as LEDs, fluorescent lamps, etc. are used for strong decomposition and destruction.

■Compared with the old photocatalyst, “King Buster” not only reacts to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) but also can react with all kinds of light.



King Buster Old photocatalyst
Fluorescent daylight
Incandescent light ×
Fluorescent light (daylight)
No light condition ×

"King Buster" demonstrates its ability (decomposing bacteria) even in the dark!


The cleaning quality is at the same level as the hospital sinks

ATP surface clean level (RLU) ATP inspection acceptable standard example


ATP amount Level Clean level Acceptable standards of ATP inspection example
0-10 I Extremely clean
11-30 II Very clean Faucets and sinks in hospitals: 25 or less
31-80 III Normal
81-200 IV A little dirty
201-500 V Dirty
501-1000 VI Very dirty
1001- VII Extremely dirty
Installed store: Top surface of table (after 3 months)

Environmental cleaning is important to prevent the spread of infectious diseases that threaten public health. It is necessary to evaluate the cleaning indicators according to scientific standards such as by ATP testing. ATP (adenosine tri-phospate) is a chemical that organisms (or products of organisms) always have, ATP exists where there is dirt like bacteria.